Farming Is Business

Shindar Agro Consulting Firm.

We are responsible for the success of our clients by providing them with the right information, knowledge, and principles to live above odds in their farming business

About Us

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We are the best Agro Consulting Firm

Shindar Agro Consulting firm is the No1 Agro firm in Nigeria that aims to bring back the heritage of Africa with a team of experts and years of experience in the Agriculture business to help farmers with proper knowledge, skills, strategies, and methodologies to run a successful farm business.

We believe farming is a business because it is the answer to the number two goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals “Zero Hunger” which is the number one business for every country in the world.

We bring innovation and showcase the seamless way people can engage in agriculture through our training and consultation to have in-depth knowledge on how to run a successful farming business from cultivation to harvest period.

We believe that the best way to build body, mind, and soul is to make food available because it’s a necessity of life.

What We Do

We have a range of services to help farmers, individuals, and organizations at their fingertips to run a seamless farming system.

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Investment Consultancy

We consult for organizations and individuals interested in agriculture to set up a farm or invest with farmers and make an annual profit based on an agreement from both parties.


Drip Irrigation Installation

We help farmers to install and manage Drip Irrigation systems for maximum farm produce and availability of food during the dry season.

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Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse farming is a type of farming in which crops are cultivated under protected and enclosed environment. It helps to prevent pests and diseases. 

Why Choose Us

We are in a business to transform the agriculture business for our clients that is why we set our priorities on customer satisfaction. We exist because you are here.


What Our Clients Say

We have worked with brands, farmers, and individuals.
Here are what they say about our services:
I have never seen teamwork as that of the Shindar Agro Consulting firm staff. They work with the common goal to satisfy customers' needs. I enjoyed every bit of the experience working with them on my farm's project. They are still the No1 Agro consulting firm. I can recommend them to anyone that wants to set up their farm and scale up faster.
Mr. Sulaiman Kazeem
MD/Lead Consultant of K&S Agro tech Ng Ltd.
I met Mr. Adebayo, founder of ShindaraAgro Consulting firm at the Agro firm conference in 2021. Connecting with him is a blessing to my life and my farm business. He is a good friend and an agro consultant. I can beat my cheat anywhere, anytime. We need more of him in Nigeria to be the voice in championing the African heritage to attract a global presence
Evang Fasanya Kehinde
CEO Fash farm Ng Ltd
Agriculture was the least on my agenda when it comes to career choices. Working with Shindar Agro Consulting firm as an IT student changed my orientation about the way I see the farming business. Today I become an advocate of the operation to feed the nation through the farming system. A big Thanks to Mr. Adebayo for holding my hand and showing me the way.
Sandra James
MD of Chop One, Chop Two Venture.


We show all the necessary tips, methods, and strategies required for a successful farm business without any hidden agenda.

Farming is a profitable business in Nigeria because food is an essential daily need for both the rich and average citizens in the country. This is why Shindar Agro Consulting firm is a voice for engineering and educating Nigerians, especially the youths on Agriculture, and why we need to be the bedrock to the countries of the world by producing and processing foods for their daily needs and in return to increase our GDP.

We help the interested persons to set up the farm with thorough supervision to ensure the successful growth of the farm inputs. We provide access to technology tools to enhance the farming process. We run periodic training to equip farmers on ideal ways to run farm businesses successfully. We help them to access the grant from the government and private organizations to support and scale up their business.

In short, we deliver the best service you can ever imagine. We don’t just talk, we help you make it happen through our accountability, support, training, and availability of farm tools and grants.

We cover nationwide and any part of the world for the farm set up once they meet up with a budget. We have global reach on our consultancy with internet access. We are good to go.

We majorly focus on increasing farmers’ capacity to produce food in large volumes to champion the “Zero Hunger” agenda 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 of the United Nations.

The future is bright because food consumption is inevitable in our dear nation and every other country in the world. So therefore Agriculture remains an evergreen sector that everyone needs to venture into.

Let's Make Your Farm Business Profitable!

We research and bring tools to make the agriculture process seamless for farmers
and enable them to get farm products available to the market at the right time.